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When you use TikTok, you sometimes find that you cannot follow anyone on your For You page or your TikTok account. This is a common problem faced by many TikTik users.

The following is a big part of the TikTok platform. Show your appreciation for other creators on the platform. If you can't follow anyone on TikTok, that might suck because you won't be able to save this post for later.

One of the main reasons why you can't follow someone on TikTok is that you're following too fast. If you're going too fast, you'll usually get an error saying going too fast, take a break. That means you won't be able to follow anyone on TikTok for a while.

Many users face this problem, so you are not alone. You can fix it by the methods you choose below.

We'll start with some of the reasons why you can't follow someone on TikTok and what you can do to resolve the issue.

Note that the main fix is ​​to wait if you got the "You're moving too fast, please take a break" message, but we'll cover that below.

TikTok followers will always be an important aspect of the app, so TikTok needs to regulate this carefully. I'll start by explaining why you can't continue first.

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Why can't I follow people on TikTok?

At the moment it is very difficult to say why TikTok does not allow you to follow anyone, as there are several reasons why this problem can appear.

There are a few reasons why TikTok says you can't follow anyone. One of those reasons is that the app doesn't want it. When TikTok blocks you from following people, it means they think you're involved in suspicious activity.

If you follow too many people in a short period of time, the app will mistake you for a bot. By that I mean the app thinks you are using software to follow as many accounts as possible.

Only software could behave like this. If TikTok thinks you're following activities faster than usual, the app will think you're not human.

If TikTok decides you are not using human behavior, you cannot be banned from following other people for a few hours or even a day.

Another popular reason why you are unable to follow accounts on TikTok could be due to internet or account issues. You must verify your Internet connection before proceeding.

If your internet connection is bad then the app cannot process the following as it can only follow people with internet connection. that's why youI can't post on tiktok.

You're moving too fast, take a break

“You are following too fast, please take a break” error occurs when you exceed your TikTok follower limit. The reason tracking is limited on TikTok will be because they don't want bots in their app.

If your account is newer then you are more likely to get this error as your account has not gained trust on TikTok.

Creating a new account and following multiple accounts without viewing your profile correctly will prevent you from performing this action.

Newer accounts tend to be penalized for many things, such as: B. Posting and commenting too much. So keep in mind when using a new account, be careful not to follow it too quickly.

The reason TikTok introduced the “Follow Too Fast” error is that there are many new fake accounts on the app every day to create new accounts with the people you follow. They can only know by detecting spam and bots.

So, keep in mind that if you don't view all the person's videos in full, then you may face "You are following too fast" error.

How long does this error last?

The error can persist depending on how long ago your account was created, so it's not a specific time period for an account. If you were previously affected by the "You are following too fast" error, the ban will last longer.

As a general rule, the ban should only last for about 24 hours. If it takes longer than 24 hours, it's probably because you're using a new account. If you are using an old account it would be a much shorter period.

The most common way to unfollow people is to wait until the ban is removed. It's not a big deal if you can't follow anyone as it only lasts a few hours.

If you're lucky, the ban might only last a few minutes, so stop trying to follow people for a period of time. I also advise you to unfollow other people during the period you are banned, as this may affect the duration.

Please note that this ban is temporary, so don't worry. There are other reasons why you might not be able to proceed, so we'll talk about those below.

Limpar hides

I've already mentioned that clearing the cache can be a good way to fix this problem, but I've never explained what that means.

Clearing the in-app cache will remove some of the old data stored in TikTok, making it work much better. This can be beneficial in your case as it removes any software that is preventing you from proceeding.

The cache will have them allold data saved in your accountTherefore, new entries will not be processed because you cannot perform the requested activity. In that case, he can't follow anyone you ask.

Clearing the cache is different on different devices. If you have iOS, it's as easy as entering yourIdeasand betweenGenerally.

Why can't I follow tiktok? Here is the solution - Vergizmo (2)

Click hereiphone storage> findcheck thanks> tocaGet the app.

Why can't I follow tiktok? Here is the solution - Vergizmo (3)

If you are on Android, just go toIdeasand find themapplicationPossibility. Meetcheck thanksand clickstoreso touchClearcache.

Create a new account

If you find that you are unable to follow people on your TikTok account, it is worth creating a new account to start following people again.

Even though the "You're crawling too fast" crawl error only lasts for a day, you'll have to decide if that's too long for you.

If you have another account, you can follow anyone there, as the ban is unlikely to affect your other account. If you don't have another account, you can create a new one.

To create a new TikTok account, you need to open the app and access your profile. From here, you need to click on the gear icon where all your settings are located.

From here, scroll down and tap Change Account. From here you want to click on Add New Account.

After clicking on it, you must choose a new login method. This can be through your email or number. After choosing one, you need to decide which password to use.

Only follow the accounts you like

Many people on TikTok usually just follow people to follow them. This could be one of the reasons why you can or can't follow people on TikTok.

If you are the type of person who follows people to get them to follow you, you need to stop this behavior. I admit it's my fault too.

Sometimes I follow accounts just to follow them or because I want to come back to them later.

But that's what the save function is for. So if you want to go back to a TikTok account, you should probably scan their profile instead of following them. Remember to only follow people if you really like them.

What I'm trying to say is that you should use the app like a human being. Don't rush between following people, don't just spam them.

If you like or comment too quickly, you will find other errors like:you are typing too fast, or you are commenting too fast.

View the entire account before continuing

Now we've established that the reason you can't just follow someone on TikTok on phone and PC is that you've been banned from following accounts because TikTok thinks you're a bot.

One way to prevent TikTok from blocking you from following people is to swipe through your entire account.

This is because if you see your entire account then it will be less suspicious to them as it will not be perceived as suspicious.

If you take the time to view an account before following it, you will not be considered a bot as bots often follow accounts without properly viewing them.

So think before following an account. If you haven't seen the full account, you might want to unfollow her. If you don't want to bother watching their entire account, you can save a video instead of following them.

Even if the account has a lot of videos, you should just suck it up and watch the entire account to avoid the error appearing again.

If you know you won't see the videos on your account, just unfollow them.

Check your internet connection

This is the first solution that I would recommend to everyone. The reason why you can't follow anyone on TikTok is because your internet is down.

If you don't have a good internet connection, TikTok cannot process your followers as it cannot follow accounts without an internet connection.

Make sure your Wi-Fi or data network icon is at the top of the screen. If you can't see it, it could be an indication that your WiFi is down and you'll need to go into the settings of whatever device you're on.

If you had Wi-Fi turned on when trying to follow an account, try using your mobile data. Make sure you turn off Wi-Fi first. How to enable cellular/mobile data. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Ringtonemobile datathen turn it on.

Why can't I follow tiktok? Here is the solution - Vergizmo (4)

How to enable mobile data on other devices. Now try again and see if it works.

If you had mobile data turned on when you tried to post on TikTok, turn it off and turn on Wi-Fi. Also check your router when you are at home. Turn it off and wait about 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Reset Network Settings

Your network settings are all settings on your device related to a network. So it could be your Internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

You may need to reset your network settings if you've verified your internet connection and TikTok still won't let you unfollow.

You can do this by enabling Airplane mode on the device you are using. This is a quick fix to resolve issues. You can do this by swiping down on your iPhone or by going to your Android's settings.

Remember to only do this if your internet connection is down.

Why can't I follow tiktok? Here is the solution - Vergizmo (5)

If you are using Wi-Fi and have access to the router, try turning it off for a few minutes before turning it back on. This must be done if you are using TikTok on a PC.

Note that if you're using TikTok on PC and you can't follow anyone, you'll need to press the "Follow" button harder as the touchscreen tends to be more responsive on mobile.

If none of that works, you'll need to go into the settings and reset the network settings properly. You can do this on your iPhone by going toIdeas> Scroll down and click onGenerally> Taprestore to defaultand hitReset Network Settings. That's ithow to redefine an android device.

Why can't I follow tiktok? Here is the solution - Vergizmo (6)

update the app

TikTok may have a software issue for some reason. To avoid this, deleting the app can help.

If there is currently an update available on TikTok, I would advise you to update that as well. There may be software issues preventing you from following accounts, so you would benefit from updating the app.

To update the app, you need to go to the app store of the device you are on and update it. Developers would have fixed previous issues with the app.

After deleting the app and downloading it again, you will see that the problem is gone. If it's still a problem, it could be more serious than you think.

Deleting the app also clears the cache. So if that was the problem, it would also solve that problem. I showed you how to do this above, so scroll up if you like.

To update an app, you need to go to the App Store and click on your profile. Now click on Purchased. Scroll down until you find TikTok. Now click update if available.

Report an issue on TikTok

Fortunately, you've already solved the problem and can now follow anyone you want. See why you shouldUnfollow random accounts on TikTok.

On the rare occasion that you still can't follow anyone, I would report these issues as a last resort.check thanks.

Here you can explain to them what the problem is and hopefully they can fix it. This can be done in the app, but go to your profile settings and click onHelp> then touchTo report a problem.

I would also take a screenshot of what appears when trying to follow a TikTok account. Find the relevant article

The only downside to this is that it can take up to a week for TikTok to respond to your report. This is because they go through so many reports every day that they have to filter through them before they get to yours.

I would suggest getting straight to the point in your report to speed up the process. This is not necessary, but only as a last resort, as it can be quite obvious that something is wrong with your account.

You follow many people.

TikTok has a follower limit that does not allow you to follow more than 500,000 people. Once you follow more than 5000 people, you will not be able to follow more people.

Even if you're not following 5,000 people when you get close to that threshold, TikTok gives you an indicator that you're following a lot of people anyway. If I were you, I would unfollow a lot of people before trying to follow someone new.

TikTok may or may not have raised the limit, but the point is that if you get close to that limit, you probably won't be able to follow new people as they would ban you.

If TikTok says you're following too fast, it could also be because you're following too many people. If TikTok says this, unfollow some people and wait until you can follow them again.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't follow people too quickly either, as this could also get to TikTok as a bot, which could result in your ban being extended or your account being banned.

Like I said, before you decide to unfollow them, look at the whole account so it feels more natural for you. If you decide you don't like the type of videos the person posts, unfollow them.


It's fair to say that some of the advice I've given you today might not work, which leads you to reaching out to TikTok on your own.

However, I suggest you do your best to fix this problem yourself as it is usually just a quick fix. A really easy way to fix this is to turn on airplane mode and wait a few seconds before turning it off again.

If it's an account issue, you should contact TikTok, but you won't be sure unless they tell you to try everything before jumping to other conclusions.

Please let me know if this article helped in any way by commenting below so others can use the tops that worked for you.

If you managed to fix the issue using a method not listed here, let me know in the comments below so I can add it to this list. This will help others who are experiencing the issue to fix it.

Please note that if the WiFi connection you are trying to connect to keeps saying it cannot connect to the network, the problem is usually with the WiFi or the data network itself and not your iPhone or iPad.

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