What TikTok Limits Should You Know in 2023? (2023)

Did you know that if you have 1,000 followers or more, you can live stream on the world famous TikTok platform? If you're a regular TikTok user, you know this, but TikTok has other limitations that you might not be aware of. Let's explain each of them.

Why is TikTok the most popular?

As per 2023 statistics, TikTok has 1 billion active users worldwide.According to this statistic, most users are located in the United States of America. TikTok is now more popular than Instagram among Gen Z users in the US. One of the main reasons why TikTok is so popular is that you can freely create content there.

You can increase the number of views and likes by correctly creating interesting video content on the desired topic and section and using it correctlyAlgorithm TikTok. Additionally, the TikTok app provides users with tools such as filters, video speed control, access to professional audio, and much more.

TikTok content iseasy to create and discover, and having someone take your video and combine it with yours is great for views. Let your followers see you, and when a second person matches this video with theirs, even more people will be able to discover your account.

Was it without TikTok-Limits?

TikTok limits are measures the platform takes to keep user safety and interest within established limits. Some of these TikTok limits are designed to stop spammers from cheating the system. In that case, you may be marked as spam and lose your account.

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TikTok age limit

There is a specific age limit when creating a TikTok account. HeThe age limit is 13. However, there is no verification system to verify when new users sign up.

Daily TikTok followers limit

While there are many incentives to get moreFollowers on TikTok, there are still some limitations when it comes to following. TikTok's diaryThe following limit is 200.

TikTok Hourly Watch Limit

As we mentioned above, you can certainly track200 users per dayon tiktok. But how many people can you follow on TikTok per hour? You can only have up to 15 traces in one session.

With that in mind, you can run 10 episodes per hour. After a 10-15 minute break, you have the opportunity to follow ten more people.

If you exceed these limits, you will beshadow ban.

What is shadowban?

Like many social networks, TikTok has several rules to follow. If the word "You're following too fast" appears on your home page, it means you've exceeded your daily TikTok follower limit. To follow more users, you mustwait 24 hours.

Try not to let that happen. Because if you do, you're reducing your audience reach, which in turn is slowing down your growth on the platform.

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TikTok 10k follow limit

One of the questions that interests many users is the limit of followers on TikTok. According to some sources, this number is no more than 1,000, but it is not. It has the ability to track 10,000 accounts.

But is it good to do this? Of course. If you only follow accounts that fit you and your niche, you'll be targeted by TikTok's algorithm.

Once you reach 10,000 followers on TikTok, you will not be able to use any other accounts. If you don't want to delete these accounts one by one, you can use TikTok's automatic ones.

Use automation to avoid exceeding your TikTok follower limit.

TikTok's follow and unfollow method works better than Instagram. Use tools that automate your follow and unfollow. You can auto-follow, auto-unfollow, like, and even watch videos from TikTok users in the same place as TikTok users.

TikTok username change limit

If you want to change your TikTok account name, you can only do it onceevery 30 days.If not, TikTok will display a notification with a deadline that you must wait until you can try again. The only exception is the first time you change your username after registration.

Etiqueta TikTok-Like-Limit pro

During the day, TikTok users may like500 likesfor videos. Otherwise, there will be crashes.

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TikTok adds a link limit

You can only add a link to your TikTok bio. However, to do this, you must first make sure that you have a trading account. The website link feature is only available for TikTok business accounts and you must have at least1000 followers.

TikTok video limit

Videos are TikTok's only content type. Therefore, it is necessary to know the principle of working with videos. TikTok videos can be 15, 30, and 60 seconds long. according to the latestTikTok Updates, TikTok video limit is set to 3 minutes. TikTok commercials range from 5 to 60 seconds.

However, TikTok is also testing 10-minute videos and sending notifications to specific users to try it out.

TikTok block limit

Blocking users prevents them from viewing your videos or directly communicating with you through messages, comments, views, or likes. TikTok blocking limit, you can use bulk blocking feature and block up to100 contentat once If you have a follow block on TikTok, please waitbetween 1 - 2 hoursbefore trying to continue.

TikTok character limit

In addition to good video content on TikTok, the text you write in the description is also important. And they are the main nuance that will help you.Get more views on TikTok. Character limit for TikTok is max300Characters.

You also need to use the right way and abundantlyTikTok-Hashtagsfor your publication and for more views. To do this, you can reduce the number of posts you use and increase the number of hashtags.

How many TikTok accounts can you have in 2023?

In 2023, TikTok will allow 3 accounts on one device. Previously this number was 5. This is not good for some users. This is a solution designed for users. This reduces the risk of the user being tricked.

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How many posts can you post on TikTok per day?

There is no set limit of daily posts on TikTok. Sharing 1-4 posts a day on TikTok is best for TikTok growth. It is also not appropriate to share a post at any time of the day.

Meetbest time to post on tiktokwill help you get the most out of your TikTok experience. The average best time on TikTok is 6 am to 5 pm. m. at 10:00 a.m. and from 7 pm. at 11 p.m. Actions taken during this period will be monitored and more action will be taken than at other times.

If you know the best time, you can better optimize your experience. TikTok has a scheduling option, but with limitations.

TikTok's post-booking limits include desktop-only support, no post-booking edits, and availability for business accounts only. If you want to share your posts andSchedule TikTok postsThat's right, Planly will be a good choice for you. To get it right, when you log in to an account, it means that you have already created an account.

One of the best things about Planly is that, in addition to signing up with email, you can sign up with your Google and TikTok accounts. After logging in, you will land on the calendar page. You can add all your scheduled posts to the plan by adding your TikTok account. You can see your scheduled post on the calendar.

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The main difference between PlanlyAviões Tik Tokof other tools is thatdoes not send notificationfor the user when TikTok videos are posted automatically.


If you have a business or just want to personally develop and promote your page, TikTok is for you. Here you can reach a large target group with the right algorithm. To know the correct algorithm, you must first know TikTok limits. Knowing all TikTok limits will help you unlock and ensure your account reaches more users. We hope this blog helps you!


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