Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (2023)

Garrett multizone metal detectorIt is a powerful and affordable security solution for schools and government buildings, as well as large public stadiums used for sporting events and concerts.Be sure to read ourGarrett PD6500i Security Metal Detectors vs. Garrett Multizone™comparison guide.

Detector de metais Garrett Multi Zone™

Garrett's Multi-Zone™ Tutorial provides precise location of one or more metal objects at a time. Designed for ease of use, the Multi-Zone™ includes an auto-scan feature that automatically selects the optimal operating frequency for ambient noise cancellation.

Other useful features include an intuitive menu layout with clear prompts; a handy slider for quickly adjusting the value of a detector setting; and predefined programs designed to meet the needs of specific security applications such as B. Special Events, Local Transportation, and Loss Prevention.

The Garrett Multizone is an affordable and versatile metal detector ideal for schools, stadiums, office buildings, nightclubs and across the United States. airports, entertainment venues. Over 15 programs are pre-installed for instant setup based on site requirements. This model offers superior detection and unparalleled discrimination capabilities. Co-founded by geophysical engineer Charles Garrett and educator Eleanor Garrett, Garrett Metal Detectors is the world's leading provider of metal detection products for security and law enforcement applications.

Multi Zone offers superior state-of-the-art technology. You can hear the alarm signals through the external speaker. Security experts trust this device. The device uses multi-zone detection to report where the object is at the various target locations the device detects. The zone indicator shows where the target was found. This model includes visual and audible external alarms. Easy-to-use controls and bright displays make operation easy for operators of all skill levels. One or more objects can be located quickly and accurately with over 20 detection zones. This multizone detection unit can be used in conjunction with the Garrett Super Scanner V handheld metal detector.

This model includes reinforced aluminum heads and bracket detection. An address counter tracks device performance. The model meets IP 55, IEC 529 standards for protection against moisture and foreign bodies. The Garrett metal detector warranty covers parts and labor for the Multizone for a period of 24 months. The battery backup option allows you to turn on the metal detector when the power goes out. With 20-zone full precision multi-zone capability, you'll be protected from head to toe, similar to the Garrett PD you wear at the airport. The Garrett PD6500i includes 33-point zone detection and is used in European airports and is ECAC compliant. This is a huge improvement over simple multizone detectors.

Passage lights on the entrance side only, with intuitive images. Zone LED indicator lights on both panels. You can see the sensitivity on the LCD screen. Bright visual LED alarm is easy to see. Synchronization is provided by internal circuitry and four selectable channel frequencies. This allows you to group as many multizone detectors as possible up to 2 inches apart. More than 15 standard programs are included with the device and cover a wide range of common applications. The large LCD screen lets you select keypad settings designed for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, institutions, public transportation, loss prevention, your special event, and more.

Multizone's intuitive menu design makes it easy to use. It has an automatic verification feature. The user can easily adjust the value of a setting using the slider. LED indicators provide high intensity feedback. For those of us around the world, you can easily select your language from the menu. Multizone requires no power changes, wiring or adjustments on this Garrett product as it is fully automatic from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts. The device is made of scratch-resistant laminated construction from a variety of materials, including aluminum, and contains detection heads that are shielded from sources of electrical noise, such as non-Garrett passages.

Fast, simple and versatile security

With an optional iC module, the Garrett Multi-Zone™ can be wired or wirelessly networked for control and monitoring purposes. The detector's high-intensity LED indicators, five times brighter than the indicator lights on some machines, are clearly visible even in direct sunlight. Equipped with optional wheels and a backup battery, the Multi-Zone is completely portable and can be deployed without the use of power cords. Adding to this versatility, the device is protected from tampering with multiple layers of access control.

Multi Zone™ video preview

precise location

Multi Zone's twenty zones provide precise location of one or more objects at the same time. Multiple targets are displayed simultaneously on both course panels via bright LED zone indicators.

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Don't get caught in the dark

Includes a 1-hour emergency backup battery module in the event of a power outage or AC power interruption. 10-hour battery life also available.

Portable protection -Fast, simple and versatile security.

The Multi-Zone is equipped with optional wheels and a battery module. It can be quickly deployed at special events, schools, and other large venues.

No wires to deal with. Easily move to another location in no time.

Shown below: Multizone with optional wheels and battery:

Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (1)Additional Garrett Multi Zone™ Features:


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (2)

More than 15 application programs have been developed to meet the needs of schools, airports, prisons, courts, special events and other applications.


(Video) Garrett Multi Zone Walk Through Metal Detector: Setting up Leader Unit

Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (3)

Multi Zone's 20 zones allow precise location of one or more objects at the same time.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (4)

With four counting settings (forward, backward, subtract backward and bidirectional).


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (5)

Manage individual or group tours and perform statistical analysis on the network with the iC module.


Multi-Zone™ scans the electromagnetic environment and selects the optimal frequency for noise cancellation.


Field programmable to allow for system upgrades. Environmentally friendly protected from wind, rain and dust.


Tamperproof detector control via a 5-digit alphanumeric system with 60 million code combinations. Additional security measures include a programmable keypad restraint and a secure switch on the lockable cabinet.


The 32-character menu instructions are easy to understand (meaning no confusing codes or acronyms to memorize).


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (6)

Eye-level green and red status lights and zone indicators are easily visible, even in direct sunlight.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (7)

To update the software.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (8)

Advanced circuitry allows multiple detectors to be installed up to 5 cm apart.


Garrett Multi Zone™ Security Metal Detector (9)

Use this button to quickly adjust a setting's value.

(Video) Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through Metal Detector: Learning the Basics

Why should you buy your Garrett Multi Zone™ security metal detector from us?

You can be sure of your purchase at We are one of the oldest and largest authorized Garrett dealers in the United States. Since 1987, we have represented the full line of Garrett security detectors and accessories. Garrett's trusted metal detectors, handheld scanners and thermal imaging products are used in schools, government buildings and special events around the world. We offer you competent advice and supportGarrett Security Detectores de MetaisYAccessories. Our factory-trained associates work closely with Garrett to stay current with the latest security products and technologies.

product specifications
article number1171000
Can be rented with a catapultY
approximate weight

The approximate weight of the detector when fully assembled.

151 pounds (68.5 kg)

The company that manufactures the detector.

garrett security

The country where the detector is manufactured.


The period of time that the manufacturer covers defective parts or defective electronic components.

2 years

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Are Garrett metal detectors any good? ›

Over 30 hours of hands-on testing with seven top products priced under $250, we found the Garrett – Ace 250 to be the best metal detector in every category we tested.

How deep can the Garrett at gold detect? ›

Garrett has designed the coil on this "AT" gold detector to reach up to ten feet deep in water and has a 5″ by 8″ double D search coil.

How do you reset a Garrett metal detector? ›

To turn off the detector, press and hold this pushbutton for one (1) second (until the detector produces a second beep). To restore the factory settings, press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds (until the detector produces a fast double beep).

What is the number one selling metal detector? ›

The Garrett ACE 250 is the best selling metal detector, in the world, ever!

What metal detector is better Minelab or Garrett? ›

Here's what you need to know about the Minelab Equinox 800 vs. the Garrett AT MAX detectors. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a superior choice compared to the Garrett. The Minelab Equinox 800 offers better performance, modern features, and better results.

How far in the ground can a metal detector detect? ›

Are you curious about metal detecting, and wondering how deep a metal detector can go? Most metal detectors can detect objects about 4-8ʺ (10 - 20 cm) deep. In ideal conditions, a mid-range metal detector can reach 12-18ʺ (30-45 cm) underground. Some specialized detectors can go as deep as 65' (20 m).

Does gold ring under a metal detector? ›

One of the most common questions we get is Does The Metal Detector Detect Gold? The answer is YES, they all do. Some do it better than others. Some detectors like the Minelab Gold Monster or GPZ 7000 are specifically designed to find small gold pieces (which most naturally occurring gold is).

Does gold beep under a metal detector? ›

Gold, platinum, sterling silver, and other fine jewelry rarely causes an alarm. That means you can wear your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches.

Why does metal detector go off for no reason? ›

Steel-toed boots are a common culprit and even the metal eyelets in shoelaces can set off your detector. Diggers and other metal objects. If you are swinging near digging tools, this can be a problem. Jewelry you are wearing (rings, watch) may cause a false signal.

Can you trick a metal detector? ›

Can you “fool” the metal detector? Some people ask if the metal detector can “be fooled”. The answer is no. Unless one tried to pass a metal object around the walk-through detector, or some other subrosa action, the metal detector will do its job.

Can you calibrate a metal detector? ›

Metal detectors are not calibratable. There is no standard to which a metal detector can be set. Of course, that might sound odd, because we use metal detectors to find a specified size of metal, whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel.

Can a metal detector detect diamonds? ›

This leads to an important point: metal detectors will not detect non metal items such as gemstones, diamonds and pearls. What a metal detector can do is lead you to indicator minerals, which are used by prospectors. Prospectors follow the indicator trail back to gold or the volcanic pipe which may contain diamonds.

Does aluminum foil block metal detectors? ›

Metal detectors can identify all types of metal by their electromagnetic field, while x-ray inspection systems depend on density differentials. So, x-ray machines cannot detect aluminum, foil, or metalized film, while metal detectors can.

Will a lighter go off in a metal detector? ›

(See the TSA's tips for air travelers.) Most lighters contain enough metal components to be picked up by metal detectors, so those likely won't present much of a challenge.

How much should I pay for a decent metal detector? ›

A quality metal detector can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. If you want a top-of-the-line model with all the latest features, you could even spend upwards of $1000 or more.

What metal detector goes the deepest? ›

Best Deep Seeking Metal Detectors of 2021
  • Fisher Gemini 3. $649.00. ...
  • $2499.00. ...
  • Nokta Invenio Pro. ...
  • Garrett ATX Deepseeker. ...
  • Nokta Deephunter 3D Pro. ...
  • Minelab GPZ 7000. ...
  • Garrett GTI 2500+ Eagle Eye Package. ...
  • Nokta Jeohunter 3D Dual System.

Are Garrett metal detectors made in China? ›

Garrett detectors are made in America under our strict ISO-9001 Quality Management System. Don't be fooled by imposters. All Garrett products are designed, assembled, tested for quality control and shipped from the company headquarters in Garland, Texas, USA.

Which is the most difficult metal detected by metal detector sensor? ›

Metal type

Typically ferrous is the easiest to detect, and stainless steel is the hardest to detect.

How deep can Garrett Pro Pointer detect? ›

Waterproof Construction – The Pro-Pointer AT is fully submersible underwater and can reach a depth of 10 feet. Onboard LED Light – The LED light is mounted halfway up the device and helps the user spot items in water or in low light conditions.

How deep can a Garrett 400 detect? ›

You will be able to get a good range of depth. Up to 35 cm for objects the size of a coin, up to a maximum of 125 cm for large objects. The Ace 400i metal detector has both segment identification and numerical object identification (1-99).

Will the metal in my arm set off the metal detector? ›

Metal implants in the body, including joint replacements, plates, screws, and rods, can set off metal detectors during airport security screenings.

Will a metal detector find a phone? ›

On top of that, they're expensive to replace—the average cost of a new smartphone in 2021 is between $600 to $1000. But you can find your lost phone with a metal detector. Whether it's an iPhone or Android, there's a lot of metal inside them.

Does 14k gold go off in a metal detector? ›

Does 14k gold go off in a metal detector? Gold, platinum, sterling silver, and other fine jewelry rarely causes an alarm. That means you can wear your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches.

What kind of jewelry sets off metal detectors? ›

Jewellery will only set off metal detectors if it's made from magnetic metals. This means that you don't need to remove good-quality rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings if they're made from silver, gold or platinum.

Do zippers set off airport security? ›

No. The detectors are not so sensitive that they pick up a standard fly zip. You will be required to take off your jacket in any event and send it through the scanner with your other items. Your belt will also have to come off and it's a good idea to take off your shoes even if it's not required.

Do earrings set off metal detectors? ›

As a rule, small to medium earrings are okay. The larger and heavier they are, the more likely you are set off the metal detector alarm.

Can a metal detector detect a vape? ›

Most vapes have metal in them, allowing security wands to detect them.

What interferes with a metal detector? ›

Machines and devices that emit radio waves, electromagnetic fields, or high vibration may cause interference and false signals. High current load equipment running on the same power source as your metal detector may also cause false rejections by creating spikes in voltage.

What can disrupt a metal detector? ›

Any high-salt, high-moisture products, complicated by air bubbles and differing densities, can negatively impact a metal detector's ability to distinguish between actual non-ferrous metal contaminants and the false signal given by a combination of typical product attributes.

What will stop a metal detector? ›

One of the best materials to block gold from a metal detector is iron. A considerable amount of iron can make a metal detector overload. Electrically conductive minerals, soil minerals, and iron underground pipes can also interfere with a metal detectors' signal.

What are the three golden rules of metal detecting? ›

Regardless of the region that you detect, there are a number of best practices that should always be adhered to: Do not trespass; always respect private property and do no metal detecting without the owner's permission.

What will set off a metal detector wand? ›

Belt buckles, key chains, and steel-toed shoes may set off these sensitive metal detectors. Many commonly used orthopedic implants may also set off the metal detectors.

Will a magnet trigger a metal detector? ›

Yes, magnets set off store alarms.

Can you change the sensitivity on a metal detector? ›

Your metal detector's gain control determines how deep it penetrates the earth. To find the right setting, you have to experiment. There may be an auto-sensitivity option on your device. Set the sensitivity manually by increasing the device's sensitivity or gain until interference is detected.

What setting should my metal detector be on? ›

Stock Settings:

The stock “turn on and go” settings can many times be a great place to start. They are often set at 60-70% power and may even have iron and foil discriminated out. While many users want to “crank it up” and use the full power of the detector - this can often backfire and lead to frustration.

How do you make a metal detector more powerful? ›

How Do You Make Your Metal Detector More Powerful?
  1. Use headphones with your metal detector.
  2. Use the right search coil.
  3. Increase the frequency of your metal detector's search cycle.
  4. Adjust the ground balance when using on mineralized soil.
  5. Check your detector's battery.
  6. Use the right settings.
  7. Read your detector's manual.

What gemstones can you find with a metal detector? ›

These are called indicator minerals. Among the indicator minerals likely to be encountered with gold are Quartz, Magnetite, Garnet, Corundum (Sapphire), Emerald, and (happily) Diamonds. So, it is indirectly that your metal detector will lead you to gemstones.

Will a metal detector find white gold? ›

Ross can tell what metal a ring is primarily composed of simply by the sound his metal detector makes when it passes over it. White gold and platinum, he says, are the most difficult to detect. Regular gold sounds just like a pull tab from an aluminum can, so unfortunately Ross digs up plenty of those, too.

Can metal detectors find silver? ›

Few metal detector operators have ever hunted for native metallic silver, but it does exist. Most newly mined silver is extracted from silver bearing minerals that will not sound off on a detector, but natural metallic silver will certainly trigger a metal detector if the pieces are large enough.

Will a knife set off a metal detector? ›

Some detectors are known to be pretty sensitive in detecting everything from a pocket knife to a body piercing. For the most part, if you don't normally carry something that may alarm the general public, you may have nothing to worry about.

Does electrical tape stop metal detectors? ›

It will set off a metal detector.

Can Xrays detect metal? ›

X-ray systems can detect stone, plastic, and bone as well as metal contaminants. Metal detectors can detect the entire range of metals such as ferrous, non-ferrous, aluminum, etc.

How do you hide things from a metal detector? ›

Wrap it in tin foil, that'll stop the metal detector detecting the metal object inside.
There are some well-known places where you can hide things from the TSA's prying eyes:
  1. A drawer.
  2. Your closet.
  3. Under your bed.
  4. In an attic or basement.

Does gold and silver go off in a metal detector? ›

Myth Four: “Metal detectors can only find ferrous metals.”

In fact, metal detectors can find non-ferrous metals that include gold, silver, and even aluminum. If it is made of metal, your metal detector can find it.

How long do Garrett metal detectors last? ›

Battery Life: Long-lasting

This detector will easily last 25 hours, if not more than that.

How deep can a Garrett ACE 200 detect? ›

Frequency10 kHz, adjustable6.5 kHz, fixed
Audio Tone ID Levels33
Target Depth Indicator
Standard Searchcoil8.5" x 11" DD PROformance6.5" x 9" concentric PROformance
Length (Adjustable)40" to 53" (1.016m - 1.35m)40" to 53" (1.016m - 1.35m)
17 more rows

What is the difference between Garrett ACE 300 and 400? ›

The newest in the line of Garrett ACE Series metal detectors is the Garrett ACE 400. The Garrett ACE 400 offers all of the features of the Garrett ACE 300 and more, including a new Iron Audio feature, a powerful DD search coil, higher frequency, and volume control headphones.

What brand metal detector does the military use? ›

Specifically designed for the soldier, the AN/PSS-14 went into full-rate production as the U.S. Army's standard mine detector in 2006.

Can Garrett detect gold? ›

The Garrett AT GOLD metal detector can be used on any terrain (AT = All Terrain) and, due to its high operating frequency, is particularly suitable for the search for gold (natural gold such as nuggets) or for the search for small coins and pieces of jewelry.

How deep will a Garrett 300 detect? ›

You will notice with the Ace 300i that it lets you hear and see that there are multiple objects. With the powerful elliptical and waterproof 17 x 25 cm (7 x 10 inch) search coil you can achieve a good depth range. Up to 30 cm for objects the size of a coin, and up to 1 m for large objects.

How far down can metal detector detect? ›

Are you curious about metal detecting, and wondering how deep a metal detector can go? Most metal detectors can detect objects about 4-8ʺ (10 - 20 cm) deep. In ideal conditions, a mid-range metal detector can reach 12-18ʺ (30-45 cm) underground. Some specialized detectors can go as deep as 65' (20 m).

How much does a really good metal detector cost? ›

A quality metal detector can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. If you want a top-of-the-line model with all the latest features, you could even spend upwards of $1000 or more.

How deep can a Garrett Ace 150 detect? ›

In the depth test, the Garrett Ace 150 could pull out targets from approx 6 – 8 inches. However, it is worth noting that this depends on ground conditions as some people have reported having pulled targets with the 150 from deeper.

How deep can the Garrett Ace 250 detect? ›

The depth indicator has advanced since the 150 model, now adding an extra 2 inches on to the display. Displaying depth of up to 8 inches, although reports of deeper finds have been made on other metal detector websites. Is the Garrett Ace 250 waterproof?

How deep can the Garrett Ace 400 detect? ›

You will be able to get a good range of depth. Up to 35 cm for objects the size of a coin, up to a maximum of 125 cm for large objects. The Ace 400i metal detector has both segment identification and numerical object identification (1-99).

Is Garrett at Pro or Max better? ›

The Garrett AT Max is essentially the newer version of the AT Pro, with updated capabilities, but at a slightly heftier price. While many of the features are the same as the AT Pro, there are many that are starkly different.

Can you find gold with Garrett 300? ›

Enjoy locating those long-lost treasures of metal, jewelry, gold and coins with the GARRETT ACE 300. The ACE 300 will help you find those lost items others have left behind. With multiple sensitivity and depth adjustments to help you locate multiple types of metals.

Which Garrett Ace is best? ›

Adult hobbyists who want the most bang for their buck will opt for the Garrett Ace 400. This unit features specialized Iron Audio, headphones, an environmental cover, search coil cover and more!


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