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compare:Wilson King Cobra Sand Wedge

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compare:Lazrus Golf King Cobra sand wedges

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compare:Wosofe King Cobra sandkiler

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Best for beginners:

compare:Mile High Life King Cobra sandkiler

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compare:Sand Blaster Wedge King Cobra Sand Wedge

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compare:Majek Golf King Cobra sandkiler

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compare:Shkiby King Cobra sandkiler

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Best Overall: Wilson King Cobra Sand Wedge

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Not everyone likes to buy wedges for everyday use, but the Wilson King Cobra Sand Wedges are an anomaly. The Wilson King Cobra Sand Wedge is great for quick transport and has a lot more volume. Make sure it fits by entering the model number. In addition, it is of great value, light weight and low price.

The wedge bite is excellent, shiny and well finished. In the end, the Wilson King Cobra Sand Wedge did its job and it was small.

Almost all customers feel that the wedge takes some getting used to, but it's really great. Some also strongly agree that wedges are easy to remove. Some people also find that the wedges are heavy, have good grip, and the rotation slots are very good. Overall, buyers have found this to be one of the best wedges for everyday use.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • The perfect putter to bring the ball closer to the pins.
  • It is light, comfortable and very precise.
  • This is a great club for beginners going up to the intermediate game.
  • Classic highly polished finish and classic blade shape.

Better at an even better price: Lazrus Golf King Cobra Sand Wedge

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (2)

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to beLazrus Golf King Cobra sand wedgesCapable of beating several other wedges on this list in overall functionality in its price range. Easy to swing and quick to transport, the Lazrus Golf King Cobra Sand Wedge is a rare find. MANUFACTURER SAYS: What would you do if we told you that our rescue sand wedges are made in the same place as some of the biggest brands in the world? Lazrus 58 and 65 degree golf clubs are the best men's golf clubs on the market and are co-manufactured with some of the "best" clubs in the world.

This wedge is well balanced, comfortable and small. Best of all, the Lazrus Golf King Snake Sand Wedge fits for better control, is an incredible value and is very forgiving.

Most buyers think wedges are easy to pull out of traps and rough. Plus, they very much agree that the wedge is perfect for the purpose, and at $40, it's a great value. They also found that the lazrus wedge was legal as it violated all rules of use. Overall, the tone from buyers has been very positive and we think the wedge is fit for purpose.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This will be served at lunchtime in January.
  • It is very good, extra large and very reasonable.
  • This allows for a better price, a good feel and a nice look.
  • This is great for smooth high shots around the green.

Best Color: Wosofe King Cobra Sand Wedge

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (3)

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(Video) TESTED! KING Cobra Wedges with SnakeBite Technology

We know from years of feedback from readers, Amazon sellers, family and friends that most people want a wedge that is practical and fits well. toWosofe King Cobra sandkilerIt's exactly that – it's a simple wedge that hits all the right notes. The Wosofe King Cobra Sand Wedge is a golf sand wedge that can generate more spin, which can solve difficult pitball saves near greens and difficult areas. Make sure it fits by entering the model number. The golf bunker head is forged from 1020 steel, and then the hitting surface and the main body are finely drilled with CNC.

The wedges are 12 degrees and a total length of 58. Best of all, the Wosofe King Cobra sand wedge is built with a heavy head and streamlined design.

Almost all buyers quickly discovered that the wedges arrived quickly and that it was legal under USGA rules. Some people also find that wedges provide stability for accurate shots. And they also found that this club is suitable for any skill level, but it is not magic.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • The manufacturer said: When a product is sold, we will carry out after-sales maintenance for two years.
  • This is done with a graphite shaft and the color is amazing.
  • This design is easier to control, improving stability and accuracy.
  • It was so beautiful that it ended up as a wall hanging.

Bedst for begyndere: Mile High Life King Cobra Sand Wedge

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (4)

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The best part: The mile-high King Cobra sandwich costs relatively little and ships within 24 hours. Also, the mile high King Cobra wedges can be too expensive to maintain a full set of name brand wedges. What the manufacturer says: Our wedge kits offer a variety of options at very affordable prices. Furthermore, it is high quality, powerful and has a solid design. finally,Mile High Life King Cobra sandkiler8 different colors are available: Black titanium layer - 58 degrees, Black titanium layer - 56 degrees, Black titanium layer - 62 degrees, etc. Then it might be one of your favorites.

One customer said - "I got the tacos again and they are great for the price". Most customers agree that wedges are used for 100 yards or close-up shots. In short, for most customers, this is what they are looking for.

Why we like it:

  • It is black, cheerful, very robust and has a simple design.
  • Available value packs: (50/54/58), (52/56/60), (50/56), (52/58), (54/60).
  • Good long-term investment.

Melhor giro: Sand Blaster Wedge

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (5)

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to beSand Blaster Wedge King Cobra Sand WedgeAble to trump several other wedges on this list in terms of overall features for the price. sandblaster wedge king cobra sand wedge fits standard length sorry. Make sure it fits by entering the model number. Furthermore, it is made of 431 stainless steel.

Best of all, the king cobra wedge sandblaster is black and easy to use.

Most customers find that wedges are good for putts of 100 yards or less. Additionally, they found the wedge to be an excellent sand wedge at an affordable price. Also, some people find the shape and weight of the club easier to blast in the sand. That's why most customers think that wedge shoes are functional and comfortable, and no one questions that.


customer says get onesand wedge with hole, are useful with wedges.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This would be the perfect setting and it works well.
  • This made some gains in a few strokes.
  • Black Standard Size Professional Velvet Cuffs.
  • This is great for sand and chips around the greens.

Best for low prices: Majek Golf King Cobra Sand Wedge

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (6)

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Next on the list we have another wedge that managed to win our hearts. That is itMajek Golf King Cobra sandkilerIt is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable wedges you can buy. majek golf king cobra sand wedge for more forgiving shots with great feel. Your custom designed majek golf wedges are hand assembled in Riverside, CA and shipped right to your door. Plus, it's great value for money and works well for a low price. Finally, the Majek golf king cobra sand wedge has the benefits of Majek wedges and is supported by local businesses.

Most customers think the wedges are a really good deal and the clubs didn't break.

Why we like it:

  • A total of 3 wedges, 1 at a super low price.
  • Premium quality Majek women's standard size golf grips.
  • Many satisfied buyers.

Best Value: Shkiby King Cobra Sand Wedges

Front 7 King _Cobra_ Sand wedges (7)

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If you are constantly confused about the comfort and fit of a wedge, then the Shkiby King Cobra Sand Wedges should be at the top of your shopping list. toShkiby King Cobra sandkilerDesigned for golfers of all levels, from beginners to junior golfers, men and women. What Maker Says: Our golf bunker faces are milled for exceptional spin, control and consistency in sand, fairways, fringes or rough. Plus, wedges are built for the golfer and look great.

Best of all, the shkiby King Cobra Sand Wedge can be used by virtually any golfer.

"Need a sand wedge at a good price." - says a customer. To summarize, the shkiby king cobra sand wedge has been used by many customers for more than a few months without stopping and shows no signs of letting up.

Why we like it:


  • What the manufacturer says: We'll send you a replacement or your money back.
  • DESIGNED BY GOLFERS: Designed and tested in the USA. Built by golfers for golfers.
  • You take no risk when you shop with us.


What degree sand wedge do I need? ›

Know your pitching wedge loft.

So generally think about putting in a gap wedge that's 48 or 50 degrees, a sand wedge that's between 54 and 56 degrees, and a lob wedge that's between 58 and 60 degrees. These are general guidelines, make sure you're working with your fitter to get the gapping that works best for you.

What wedge do pros use in the sand? ›

60% of the top 100 PGA Tour golfers use a 46° pitching wedge with the next most used loft being 48°. For gap wedges 42% use 52° models with 1/3 choosing a 50° loft. The most used sand wedge loft is 56° with 59% picking that loft of club while for lob wedges 80% of this group play with 60° models.

What is the difference between a 56 degree sand wedge? ›

A 56-degree wedge is considered a sand wedge and is mainly used for hitting out of the sand and chipping around the green. A 56-degree wedge is one of the most used clubs and is the highest loft an average golfer should carry.

Can you use a 58 as a sand wedge? ›

Most golfers refer to a 58 degree wedge as a sand wedge (SW). As its name implies, the sand wedge is incredibly helpful when you need to hit a shot out of a sand bunker. Most sand wedges have between 54 and 58 degrees of loft, which is only slightly less than a lob wedge.

Can I use a 60-degree as a sand wedge? ›

Can you use a 60-degree wedge as a sand wedge? A 60-degree wedge can work well out of the sand but it's important to have at least 10 degrees of loft. A wedge with more loft can help you get the ball out of deep bunkers or fly a shorter distance.

Is a 60-degree wedge a sand wedge? ›

A sand wedge has a loft of 54º – 58º. A wedge with more than 58º degrees of loft is usually called a lob wedge. Golfers tend to hit a sand wedge 60 – 80 yards.

What wedge should I hit at 50 yards? ›

Pitching Wedge:

The pitching wedge is the first club on our list and it also happens to be the one with the lowest amount of loft (46-48 degrees). Usually, this wedge is used for longer shots where height and spin aren't necessary, such as a 50 yard pitch from the fairway or a shot from the rough 130 yards out.

Should I carry a 56 and 60 degree wedge? ›

Yes, you definitely need all of these wedges. The 52-degree, the 56-degree, and the 60-degree wedges are some of the most commonly used clubs in golfing. You'd significantly narrow your scope of play on the course if you didn't have any of these clubs ready to go in your bag.

Can I use my 56 degree wedge as a sand wedge? ›

A 56 degree wedge is often called a sand wedge. The number 56 refers to the number of degrees of loft that the club face has. It is one of the shortest clubs in the bag and is used to hit shots inside 100 yards. Despite being called a sand wedge, you can use the club for shots from the tee, fairway and rough.

How do you pick a sand wedge? ›

If you play on golf courses with firm sand in the bunkers, then you should choose a wedge with a lower bounce from 2 to 8. If your typical course has soft bunkers, then a higher wedge bounce of 12 or 16 will be preferable.

Can you hit a flop shot with a 58-degree wedge? ›

To hit a flop shot like this, you need a soft, high-spinning ball and a wedge that has a rolled leading edge, not straight, so the club can slide along the grass—no digging. You need at least a 58- or 60-degree (Jon's using a 58).

What goes farther a 58 or 60 degree wedge? ›

A 60-degree wedge will most likely go shorter than the 58-degree because of the added loft. Depending on the golfer, the 58-degree will generally go about 5-10 yards longer than the 60-degree. Another difference is the difficulty of the wedges.

What sand wedge does Tiger Woods use? ›


As you'd expect, MG3 TW wedges also have Tiger's preferred grind pattern on the sole, which has relief taken out of the leading and trailing edges as well as the heel. Tiger's 56° wedge has 12° of bounce while his 60° model has 11° of bounce.

What is Tiger Woods sand wedge? ›


The 56° wedge is a dual sole with heavy heel relief, while the 60° has an extremely high bounce on the leading edge with a shaved heel. This makes it possible to open the face for flop shots, while still providing relief on the leading edge for better performance on tight lies.

Do I need both pitching wedge and sand wedge? ›

Do I Need a Pitching Wedge and a Sand Wedge? All golfers play slightly differently with their own set of wedges, but we consider both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge essential for your equipment. They each have their benefits unique to their specific design.

Can a high handicapper use a 60-degree wedge? ›

If you have a 60-degree wedge in your bag and you're a high handicapper, you should probably rethink its spot in your bag. But if you're semi-comfortable wielding an ultra-lofted wedge, there are still certain situations when to use it, and when it's best to use another club instead.

Can you hit a sand wedge on the fairway? ›

Although hitting your sand wedge from the fairway is very similar to hitting any other iron, there is one key difference between the sand wedge and your other irons that presents some difficulties for many golfers.

Can you use a sand wedge for chipping? ›

Typically, it is the sand wedge that is considered the best option for chipping. Sand wedges come in loft degrees that range from 54 to 58, and they can be suitable for a variety of golfing situations that require chipping.

How far should a man hit a 7 iron? ›

A golfer with an average swing speed and average club lofts should be able to hit the 7 iron about 140 yards. For a senior golfer, the yardage could be closer to 130, and the same applies to the slower swing speed player.

How far do people hit their 60 degree wedge? ›

Pros can typically hit a well-placed 60-degree wedge shot between 100 and 125 yards, but that will generally be between 30 and 80 yards for amateurs. It's important to remember that this isn't a driver, and you shouldn't be looking to use the 60 degrees to gain maximum distance.

Should I use a 60 degree in sand? ›

Yes - using a 60 degree from the sand is a good choice especially if you need to get the ball up in the air quickly and land softly from the sand. The lower bounce will keep the club moving through the sand and prevent it from decelerating and the ball losing distance.

How far does the average man hit a 56 degree wedge? ›

If you're a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards. Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge. Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

What goes farther a 56 or 60 degree wedge? ›

As with most of golf, the decision of which club to hit comes down to numerous factors. As far as 56 versus 60-degree wedges are concerned, a 56 provides less loft and further distance after ground contact while a 60 is the inverse, with higher loft and much less travel after contact with the ground.

Can you use a 50 degree wedge as a sand wedge? ›

The average loft of a modern pitching wedge is between 44-46 degrees, leaving a big space between that and a sand wedge. A 50 degree wedge will plug that gap nicely. However, a 52 degree wedge might suit your game better depending on how your bag is set up so let's get deep into the options you could game.

Do high handicappers need a gap wedge? ›

High handicappers should have at least a pitching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge. These three wedges are the minimum, but some players will also add in the lob wedge to round out the group and hit those high-lofted golf shots.

Can you use a gap wedge instead of a sand wedge? ›

For example, if you hit a shot into the rough and it's near a green, take out your gap wedge. The club is equally as effective as a sand wedge for short shots. Plus, it can be used to shorten the length of your approach to the green.

How many wedges should a high handicapper carry? ›

How Many Wedges High Handicappers Should Carry? Beginners and high handicappers should carry two wedges in their bag, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. This two-wedge setup will allow you to hit shots from the fairway, chip the ball around the green, and get the ball out of bunkers.

What's the difference between a sand wedge and a 52 degree wedge? ›

A 52 degree wedge is also known as a gap wedge. You will most likely have an 8 to 10 degree difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge in your golf bag. The 52 lets you fill the "gap" between your pitching wedge and sand wedge and give you more versatility for scoring shots.

What bounce do you want on a sand wedge? ›

If you play on course with lush conditions and fluffy sand, a higher bounce will benefit you most (10 – 14 degree bounce angle). If you play on tight fairways and hard conditions, low bounce wedges are better ( 0 -10 degree bounce angle).

What does S grind mean on a wedge? ›

S Grind: the S Grind is a narrower-looking wedge designed for golfers that like to hit square face shots; if you don't play with the clubhead all that much, the S Grind is a good choice.

Why do I pull my sand wedge? ›

This can be caused by faulty alignments or an over-the-top motion caused from an improper pivot during transition. In order to stop this type of pull, make sure you swing your wedge like you try to every other club — from the inside, never from out-to-in — unless you are hitting a special shot.

What is the easiest wedge to hit around the green? ›

For the average golfer, chipping with a pitching or gap wedge will produce the most consistent shots around the green. Using a gap wedge will be the best place to start for standard chips, but a pitching wedge could work better if the ball is sitting up in the rough.

What's better a 56 or 58 degree wedge? ›

A 58-degree wedge will provide most players more forgiveness over a higher lofted wedge and will also give them more consistent distance control. BUT if you are already carrying a 56 degree wedge, a 58 degree might not be best for you because the loft difference is too small, making your wedge gaps tight.

Can you do a flop shot with a sand wedge? ›

I recommend taking your most-lofted club (a sand wedge or a lob wedge) for the shot. Depending on the trajectory you envision for the shot, you can open or close your clubface and stance accordingly. The more you open the clubface, the higher and shorter the flop will be.

Is a 58 easier to hit than a 60? ›

As a general rule, average golfers have an easier time hitting a 58-degree wedge compared to a 60 degree. A 58-degree wedge will give most golfers more forgiveness and will also provide more consistent distance control.

What is a 64 degree wedge called? ›

An ultra lob wedge is used to hit a shot with higher and shorter trajectory than a standard lob wedge. This club is labeled "UL" and has a loft of about 64° and has the highest loft of any golf club. It is used for specialized, extremely high-angle shots such as from the "lip" of a bunker.

Can you bend a 60 degree wedge to 58? ›

Remember that when you bend a wedge from, say 56 to 58 you will be increasing the bounce 2 degrees. If you bend a 60 to 58 you lose 2 degrees of bounce. Of course it depends on what bounce the club had originally, what change works for you (do you swing steep or shallow),and the type of shots you encounter more often.

Do I need a 56 and a sand wedge? ›

Yes, you definitely need all of these wedges. The 52-degree, the 56-degree, and the 60-degree wedges are some of the most commonly used clubs in golfing. You'd significantly narrow your scope of play on the course if you didn't have any of these clubs ready to go in your bag.

Do I need a 56 degree wedge and a sand wedge? ›

Do You Really Need a 56 Degree Wedge in Your Bag? Absolutely, every golfer should have a 56-degree sand wedge in their golf bag. Though you can, in theory, chip out of bunkers with a pitching wedge, it is much more difficult because of the lesser amount of loft and bounce.

Can a 52 degree wedge be a sand wedge? ›

Can you use a 52-degree wedge as a sand wedge? A 52-degree wedge should only be used in a fairway bunker. It probably won't have enough loft to consistently get the ball out of a greenside bunker.

Is a 55 degree wedge a sand wedge? ›

Sand Wedge – A sand wedge has about 55 degrees of loft and has not changed very much over the years. It is a versatile club and can be used from bunkers, from the edge of the green and for full shots. This is an essential club for all golfers.

How many yards should a 56 degree wedge go? ›

If you're a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards. Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge. Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

Why do I chunk my 56 degree wedge? ›

Two of the main problems are that you are attacking the ball too steep, and you are moving your weight backwards through the swing. When you sway through the ball it will make strike really inconsistent and with wedges you always want to have a really stable base.

What is the yardage difference between a 50 and 52 degree wedge? ›

Again, more loft means less distance covered, and average golfers hit their 52 degree wedge a slightly shorter distance than a 50-degree - around 95 - 100 yards. Of course this depends on the lie of the golf ball, swing speeds and a number of other factors.

Can you use a 50 degree wedge in the sand? ›

A 50-degree gap wedge is ideal for longer bunker shots, where you feel you'll leave it short with a sand wedge. Not having to force a sand wedge out of the bunker increases your chances of making a good swing and landing it close enough to drain the one putt.

Can a sand wedge be 54 degrees? ›

A 54 degree wedge is classified as a sand wedge and is the strongest lofted option in this category. Alternatively, you can acquire a 56 or 58-degree sand wedge. You'll find that the 54 and 56-degree options are more common than the 58, as the weaker loft is too close to a lob wedge.

What is difference between 54 & 56 degree wedge? ›

The two degrees difference in loft can equal to 10-15 yards distance on full shots. A 54 degree wedge will hit lower shots, further, with less backspin. The 56 degree wedge will hit the ball higher, shorter, and it will land more softly with more backspin on the ball.


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