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With the launch of the first 'fender' - a utilitarian tree that changed the idea of ​​performance - it was clear that Cobra was aiming high and over the years the company has built a name for itself, which means status, recognition, progress and respect in most of the golf industry. Based on innovation and expertise, Cobra has brought many unique designs that have changed what players expect from their clubs. ingame improvementFrom graphite technology to tungsten as the material to place the center of gravity of the club, to the innovative Cobra Connect technology, they have managed to make the game of golf more flexible, more fun and more satisfying. Of all the high-end putters they offer, the Cobra King Black Wedge is an excellent addition to the King line, combining cutting-edge technology and improved construction in many areas.

Cobra Golf leaves no stone unturned in tackling new concepts, and that has been the guiding principle in the manufacture of this wedge. With the competition overshadowing their latest designs, Cobra Golf had to consider going deep into them and offering something unique and exceptional. What they do is offer their latest technology, beautifully packaged and personalized.

As a result, the Cobra King Black wedge is one of the company's best-selling products.versatile wedgesThree-pass sole grinding for increased surface roughness through its advanced grooving and milling techniques and a unique, inspiring black finish. In fact, it is the same finish that Rickie Fowler's irons had when they were first used in 2017. However, there are a few small tweaks to the finish that add to the durability and elegance of the finish.

The Cobra King Black Wedge is available in two lengths, Standard King Black and King Black One Length, a previously introduced concept that has achieved incredible success with golfers who appreciate the benefits of playing with a single club. Among the innovations introduced with this model, it is equipped with the popular Cobra Connect technology, which was also previously introduced with the F7 irons. This technology has always been a winner when it comes to performance tracking and with Arccos they show the player's performance on screen at the click of a button.

There is still a lot to talk about the Cobra King Black Wedge, so read on for its features and performance.

design features

One of the most notable features of its design is the new Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish, a consistent winner for the company, which not only offers exceptional elegance and performance, but is also extremely durable. The downside to many competitors' black finishes (or any color other than silver or white) is that they wear easily and you can see the metal underneath after a while. However, DBM offers maximum wear resistance and ensures that the wedges remain black for a longer period thanks to the chemically implanted black finish. In addition, the finish itself is reliable, reduces glare andLooks great on a golfer's holster.

The club head is made from exceptionally soft and strong 8620 carbon steel for great feel and spin. In addition, the head and grooves are progressively designed, while the face has a variable roughness that maximizes roughness up to the USGA limit.

Progressive groove design

Cobra has paid particular attention to making King Black's grooves as refined as possible, so they have developed the Progressive Spin technology to provide enough customized spin performance for each specific loft. The slots are created using the company's proprietary CNC milling process, designed to ensure optimal performance in each slot, sogulfGet the spin you need for any turf condition on your putting green.

Therefore, Progressive Spin Technology provides different groove patterns according to the ceiling angle. This means that higher lofted wedges, 56 degrees and up, have wider, smaller grooves, so you get more spin and closer contact between the ball and the clubface because that design can remove debris. Lower Loft Wedges have tighter, narrower grooves so you can hit shots with a higher trajectory and more stopping power on the greens.

exclusive grinding

We all know that every golfer has their own style of play and some personal preferences vary from player to player. No one knows this better than golf manufacturers because they get direct feedback from touring players who provide solid opinions on what a player needs and what makes a club stand out from the rest.

As performance and preference vary, Cobra offers three different soles to match every golfer's skill, style and course conditions, maximizing performance. So the Cobra considers three steps, turf condition, approach angle and swing type when creating the outsole grind. This led to the proposal of three unique grinds: Widelow Grind, Classic Grind and Versatile Grind.

to beWidow GrindIt is an all-round versatile outsole, ideal for hitting in moderate to soft grass and bunker conditions. It is a combination of a low rise and a wide base that does not allow the leading edge to penetrate deep into the turf. This helps golfers maintain consistency in their swing, resulting in more spin and a more consistent trajectory.

to beclassic grindingFeatures a classic loft, higher bounce and a thinner sole for optimal performance in a variety of turf conditions such as medium, soft or firm. If you are a golfer who tends to play on low to medium grass then you should consider this unique grind. This is the most versatile sole grind and is recommended for golfers who have not yet settled on a particular style.

to beUniversal grindingFeatures a softer leading edge, including softer heel and toe relief. Recommended for neutral or sliding approach angles and moderate to firm grass conditions.

main drawing

The head design is quite different from many similar wedges, but that's what makes the Cobra stand out from the crowd. The round shape lacks hard, clean lines, but the taller, more muscular rear frame is designed to put more mass directly behind the impact zone. This brings the center of gravity closer to the center for improved feel and good feedback. This shape, along with the choice of 8620 carbon steel, delivers a very harmonic, smooth and solid sound, while the muscular back design dampens vibrations and increases overall playability. And as we mentioned before, this wedge is designed to meet the demands of Cobra Tour players with a slimmer topline and subtle bevels that make the wedges look absolutely stunning.

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As you would expect from a company as reputable as Cobra, there are several loft settings ranging from 50 to 60 degrees of loft with various combinations of bounce and grind. If you choose Widelow sole milling, there are three pitch settings available, ranging from 56 to 60 degrees in 2-degree increments. The classic sole grinds are available in 52, 56 and 60 degree slopes, while the versatile sole grinds are available in 50 to 60 degree slopes.

charge connection

If you haven't heard about the coolest kind of smart technology being used in clubs, this is the place to read all about it. As such, Cobra Connect Technology provides performance tracking and recording, and combined with Arcco's Caddy™, golfers can get detailed analysis of each shot to improve their performance and gain insight into their trends.

The Cobra Connect technology incorporates sensors located on the top of the club, which record everything the player does on the court. However, to be able to read all statistics and data, you must have the app installed on a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The technology works as a distance meter, offering 40,000 courses worldwide, golfers can identify any desired distance in meters and yards on the course. The sensors measure the swing speed, the distance they provide and a detailed analysis of the overall performance that helps golfers discover their strengths and weaknesses and helps them lower their scores.


Another feature of the latest Cobra release is the introduction of a one-size-fits-all concept. The single putters are designed to match the length, weight, rake and angle of the 7-iron. The one-piece design is designed to give golfers the same body shape and position so they maintain the same stance with every shot. Therefore, in keeping with the single length concept, the Cobra King Black Wedge is offered as a complementary and standard length to the single wedge length.


The Cobra King Black Wedge has been on the market for about a year now, and in that time it has become one of the best wedges on the market. The stunning DBM finish has been proven to perform flawlessly with no signs of wear. Progressive groove design and variable surface roughness provide excellent spin and performance, while numerous combinations of loft, bounce and grind variations provide tailored performance.


  • Diamond Black Metal (DBM) technology provides an extremely durable black finish for extreme wear resistance, superior appearance and reduced glare

  • CNC milled surface provides precise grooves for uniform rotation over the entire surface

  • Three unique grinds, Multi, Classic and Widelow

  • Progressive groove design, narrow and narrow grooves with low blowing wedges, wide and deep grooves with high ceiling wedges

  • Gold and Black True Temper Dynamic Switches

the bottom line

Needless to say, the Cobra King Black Wedge is a great wedge model that offers one of the best combinations of loft, bounce and grind for a tailored, tailored fit. The DMB finish is one of the best finishes on the market today and arguably the most durable. It was voted the best wedge of 2018 by many golf magazines and most reviewers were very pleased with its performance. It's definitely your go-to wedge if you're looking for extreme versatility, durability and maximum playability with a non-standard concept.

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