Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (2023)

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth service that promises to grow followers organically.

According to the website, the service is 100% human and no bots are used.

but they arelegal, you need toavoiduse your service?

To answer that, today we're going to analyze Ampfluence: we're going to analyze its characteristics, pros and cons, the best alternatives and, based on personal experience, recommend using its service.

Let us continue.

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Why do you want more Instagram followers?

On Instagram, your followers make up the bulk of your audience, and as your following grows, so does engagement with your posts.

And the more followers you gain, the more likely users are to follow your account after seeing your posts.


Well, consider this: if you saw one clothing brand with 100 followers and another with 10,000 followers, which one would you be most likely to follow?

The one with the most followers, of course – they appear much more serious and authentic as a brand.

Also, for Instagram, the number of your followers is a great indicator of how popular your profile is, making them more likely to send your posts to their Explore page.

This will increase the reach of your account and expose your account/brand to a wider audience.

Here are some of the reasons why Instagram growth services are so popular in 2022!

What is amplification?

Ampfluence is a 100% human-powered Instagram growth company that helps clients grow their Instagram page by increasing user engagement.

They use the same principle as bots and beat the Instagram algorithm through assisted growth activities, and they pride themselves on not using anything automated to fuel their growth.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (1)

Ampfluence increases your influence on Instagram by:

  • Track accounts that match your target market
  • Interact with your target market through likes and comments
  • Increase your brand's visibility

Ampfluence guarantees a 100% safe approach on its website, compatible with Instagram, without bots or other software.

Although this service may seem legit, one rarely finds companies that promise this service without getting scammed.

Since most companies like Ampfluence are using bots and AI technology to grow Instagram organically, it would take more time and of course money to have people to power its resources.

But does Ampfluence work?Find out in the next sections.

Best Instagram Alternative Services

Sr. Insta4.9Check the price
social drive4.7Check the price
inflation4.5Check the price


Ampfluence offers a variety of features to help you grow your Instagram. These are some of their offerings:


Ampfluence offers a consulting service to better understand what you want to get out of this experience.

Their consulting service allows them to better understand their audience and goals to develop a tailored strategy. This way they can help to grow and connect with their target audience.

After the consultation, the Ampfluence team identifies your target audience, evaluates your content and identifies competitors.

Engage and manage

Through consistent social influence, Ampfluence helps you connect with your audience and organically grow your Instagram page over time.

You increase your Instagram Page engagement by:

  • Identify the right accounts to follow
  • Unfollow accounts that don't engage with your brand
  • Like images to increase brand visibility
  • Comment on quality content.
  • reply to comments
  • Monitor progress by tracking daily activity
  • schedule posts
  • create images

Please note that some of these services may incur additional charges.

Ampfluence also notes that her team measures the performance of each client's Instagram page to ensure they're hitting their goals.

Tailored social media posts

Ampfluence claims to provide high quality images to captivate its audience and helps increase engagement through likes and followers with its personalized social media posting service.

They do this by creating custom social post images for more professional engagement.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (2)

Leverage personalized posts to build a more impressive profile and build brand consistency.

(Video) I Bought 10,000 Instagram Followers for $82, and this is what happened...

However, their website does not provide us with any further information on how they will use this service specifically to grow their customers' Instagram Pages.

They explain their service and point out that they keep designs "for future orders". Does that mean they reuse your content? Possibly.

Also, your sample custom feeds don't show real samples. When we searched for his "sample accounts" on Instagram, we quickly found that his feed on his Instagram page and his samples didn't match.

The number of followers they have was also uncorrelated, with some of these accounts having as little as 16 followers.

Introduction to Amfluence

To start using Ampfluence, you just have to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Arrange a consultation
  • Choose a plan to switch to
  • Create your account here
  • Connect your Instagram page

During your consulting session, you can discuss with your team how you want your site to grow and in which direction you want it to go.

Ampfluence claims that through this consultation session they will be able to have clearer direction in creating a more personalized plan to support the growth of their Instagram Page.

Should You Give Them Your Instagram Details?Find out in the next sections.


O Ampfluence offers 3 different plans: Growth, Growth x2 and Growth & Content Management.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (3)

The 3 plans vary depending on what you want to achieve with Ampfluence. Note that they do not offer a money-back guarantee.

For the growth plan, for $249 per month, they offer:

  • Average of 250 organic followers
  • certain public
  • No hashtag search
  • email support
  • standard reports

While the Growth x2 plan gives you a bigger payout for $349 per month which includes:

  • 500 organic followers on average
  • certain public
  • label search
  • priority support
  • custom reports

If you're in it for the long haul and want big growth, Ampfluence offers a $999 per month growth and content management plan that gives you everything in its x2 growth plan, plus additional features that vary in cost.

Their pricing, as we've already established, is quite high, with the highest plan being $999 per month with no additional add-ons.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Payment gateway is verified
  • consulting services

In contrast

  • Caro
  • No more support services
  • there are no certificates
  • Bot activity - hence a fraudulent website

Would we recommend using Ampfluence?

While Ampfluence prides itself on safe, real growth from real people,We do not recommend Ampfluence.

Although Ampfluence appears to be trustworthy, their website offers questionable information that makes them appear less than trustworthy and believable.

Although their website claims to use 100% human engagement to fuel Instagram growth, some users have experienced bots and account suspensions, proving this claim false.

This is because their plans are quite expensive compared to other sites, with the lowest plan being $249 per month.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (4)

Ampfluence also lacks positive reviews, there are no testimonials on its website. And even with some of his examples he does not find them credible.

Additionally, the Ampfluence website lacks the customer support page that they claim to offer. No additional contact details are provided on their website either. That means customers don't have any help setting up their accounts even if they wanted to.

Their website also generally lacks information, particularly about how it works, showing us a lack of transparency and clarity.


how we do itNOI recommend using Ampfluence, check out these alternatives:

Mister. Insta - #1 Instagram growth service

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (5)

Sr. InstaIt's the #1 Instagram growth service we've found based on our own testing and extensive testing.

You can buy Instagram followers, likes and comment packs on their website. and more.

By boosting your profile with these packs, Instagram sees your posts are performing well and gets your content to more people through its algorithm. This is how your followers grow exponentially.

(Video) My Experience With An Instagram Growth Service

You're more likely to attract new followers if your account looks established, and brands are much more willing to sponsor or engage in paid partnerships.

Sr. InstaThey offer an incredibly wide range of features, including:

  • Free trial for all users
  • Guaranteed delivery with reload guarantee
  • All real users
  • 24/7-Support

Sr. InstaWe also have the best TrustPilot reviews we've seen for an Instagram growth service, with over 1,000 reviews and an outstanding 5-star rating.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (6)

Sr. Instais committed to providing 24/7 support to all of its customers and ensuring all orders and payments are 100% secure.

We recommend starting with yours5000 followers packfor under $100 with our discount.

You can get started with this 10% discount just by clicking the button below, exclusively for our readers!


  • excellent reviews
  • Free trial period
  • Drive organic growth
  • 24/7-Support
  • 100% sure
  • Exclusive discount

In contrast

  • No disadvantages!

Or learn more with our complete guide.Sr. InstaAnalyseHere.

Social Boost – Instagram-Marketingagentur Nr. 1

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (7)

social driveis another amazing Instagram growth service and our current favorite marketing agency.

Your team manually interacts with the target accounts and you only get real followers who really like, comment and engage with your content.

For every customersocial drivepromise:

  • Real and organic followers only.
  • Secure service 100% compliant with Instagram Terms of Service.
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone.
  • Target audience by gender, age, interests and location.

social driveoffers handcrafted monthly reports to help you understand the performance of your campaigns and you can contact the support team 24/7.

They manage over 23,000 Instagram accounts and have an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7 and amazing reviews on their website.

start with afest40% off by clicking the button below, exclusively for our readers!


  • Organic followers only
  • certain public
  • 24/7-Support
  • 100% sure
  • Known and reliable service
  • big discount

In contrast

  • no live chat

Or you can learn more with our complete driveAnalyseHere.

(Video) KICKSTA vs SOCIAL BUDDY (2023) : Which Tool Is Best For Instagram Growth?

Inflamt – Nr. 1 Instagram-Bot

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (8)

An amazing Instagram growth service and certainly one of our favorites isinflation(formerly known as Ingramer).

If you are looking for an Instagram bot that will automate all your tasks and let you relax while your following grows,inflationis our preferred option.

They offer the following features:

  • Automatic like and follow
  • Smart Unfollow: To keep your account clean.
  • automatic mail
  • Detailed analysis

Even more - inflationIt offers advanced features (which almost no other bot does) like whitelists, blackilsts, and watching stories.

All of these features together mean immense growth for each account andinflationHe says his clients are growing on average3000 followers per month.

With an excellent 4-star rating on Trustpilot, this bot also has a good reputation and is trusted in the industry.

Start with 14% off by clicking the button below, exclusively for our readers!


  • Autowachstum
  • excellent reviews
  • amazing support
  • 100% sure
  • Detailed analysis

In contrast

  • less popular

Or learn more with our complete guide.inflationAnalyseHere.

frequently asked questions

What is itAmplitude?

Ampfluence is a 100% human Instagram growth service that helps clients grow their Instagram page organically. They claim that they don't use tricks to grow either.


Due to a lack of testimonials and proof of success on their website, Ampfluence doesn't appear to be legit. Also, pricing starts at $249 per month for the lowest plan, which is quite expensive. Ampfluence's website doesn't tell us much about their team either, which you can read before signing up, which doesn't help the credibility aspect. As such, we do not believe that Ampfluence is legit.

EsAmplitudeSafe to use?

Their website does not offer any additional information on how they will grow your account beyond the basic forms of likes and comments. Aside from the lack of testimonials, we don't think Ampfluence is safe to use.

¿Is Ampfluence real?

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth service, but we're not sure if the growth you're getting is real or helping your account. This is because they don't offer a free trial or convincing reviews and have overpriced plans given their lack of information. We recommend using a more popular, "real" service to grow your social media account.

What is an Instagram growth service?

An Instagram growth service is a company that helps you increase your Instagram followers and engagement.

This is usually an agency, tool, app or bot.

There are many different Instagram growth services out there and they vary in what they offer and the methods of growing your Instagram. These include:

  • Instagram Bots – Automate your activities (Likes, Follows, etc.).
  • Instagram Agencies – Usually account managers and dedicated teams to take care of your account for you.
  • Instagram Marketplaces – where you can buy likes, followers, etc.

But what they all have in common is that as long as it's not a scam, your Instagram should grow faster than it would otherwise.

What should you look for in an Instagram growth service?

Well, first of all, the Instagram grow service should work and really help you grow your Instagram followers.

So it comes down to a few other factors:


  • Preis– what your budget is, some services cost a lot more (agencies etc.) than others (marketplaces). It all depends on how much you are willing to spend.
  • speed– also depends on how fast you want to grow. It might be easier to buy followers and get a quick foothold, but agencies can give you a more sustainable and reliable source of followers.
  • Characteristics– What specific features do you want? Some services offer automation, meaning you can sit back and relax while others need your input. Do you want to produce content yourself or need help? How extensive is your feature list? It is important to consider capacity.
  • Support– Another important point that should always be considered is how good the service support is. Many of them only offer email support and take at least 24 hours to reply. However, if you are a larger company, speedy phone and live chat support might be very important.

As long as you keep these factors in mind, you will surely take advantage of the best Instagram growth service for you.

How to avoid getting scammed by an Instagram growth service?

There are several Instagram growth services that are actually scams.

How can you avoid them?

First of all, articles like ours are always a good indicator as long as they explain why they think it's a scam and provide evidence.

If you read one of our comments, ours willThe sumFor example, we always provide screenshots and other evidence.

Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (9)

Another good way to check this is with reviews, not on your website but on an external source such as Trustpilot.

Usually just by reading 10+ reviews you can get an idea of ​​their service and reliability.

If you're still unsure, we recommend sticking with the most well-known and trusted services.

Benefits of Instagram growth services

There are many Instagram growth services out there and they seem to be popular, but what are their real advantages? Here are some:

  • Save Time – Most Instagram growth services save you time as they usually do the entire process of getting followers for you. Instead, you can focus on creating great content for your audience.
  • Experience – Many of the services have been in the industry for many years and have many clients. That means they understand how to help you grow your Instagram, and do it in a safe way. It's often far better than doing it yourself and risking the wrath of Instagram or getting nothing after a lot of time invested.
  • Advanced Features – Instagram growth services also offer many features that you wouldn't normally have. This includes photo editors, welcome direct messages, automatic likes/followers and advanced analytics. They will not only help you grow your Instagram but also convert more followers into customers or fans.
  • Save Money: It might seem counterintuitive, but you can often save money by using the services or even make money. Some companies would hire a full-time employee, which would be far more expensive and often less effective. Even if your Instagram grows with a small investment, you can use this tracking and start making money on Instagram. Interested?

Save time, money and grow!

Disadvantages of Instagram growth services

We honestly believe that there are few downsides to using an Instagram growth service. Of course it costs money, but that's what you expect when you buy a service.

People are also often worried about their accounts being banned as these services don't always work according to Instagram's terms of service.

However, it's important to remember that the people behind these services are experts who understand the limitations of Instagram much better than you or I, so understand how to avoid getting banned.

In fact, if we don't use an Instagram growth service much more often than we do, we get banned.


Overall, Ampfluence promises to help your Instagram page grow organically without AI technology. However, they don't seem to have any testimonials showing success through their website.

Their prices are quite expensive as they don't offer much to say the least. And their website lacks information on how to help grow your account.

Instead, make sure you use an alternative service to boost your Instagram.

Here are our favorites again:

  • Sr. Insta
  • inflation
  • social drive

Or to boost your YouTube, check out SubPalsHere.

Hope that helped.

Talk Soon, the ecommerce entrepreneur

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Ampfluence Review (2022) - We Tried! It works out? *READ BEFORE* (10)

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth service. We weren't impressed with your comments and resources.


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Do you disagree with our assessment? Sometimes we make mistakes.

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