All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (2023)

Batman-Hand It is not an ordinary superhero film, but also a crime thriller.the riddle(Paul Dano) works to uncover various conspiracies in Gotham. Lieutenant Gordon enlists Batman's help to thwart his plans.

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Tthe riddleLeave puzzles at each crime scene or different locations to determine who or where the next victim is. Your mission is to uncover the machinations and frauds of corrupt government officials across Gotham City. He also has no problem killing anyone who doesn't comply.


10 "Since your justice is so exquisite, tell us what creatures you are paid to protect."

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (1)

This is the third mystery prosecutor Gil Colson has been confronted with. If you answer the latter correctly, you can remove the chain of bombs that are about to explode. Colson decides it's not worth giving up on the mouse and the bomb explodes, killing Colson and giving upBatmanand who.

Riddler refers to the judiciary as "chosen" because it is only interested in helping those who have something to offer, as people in positions of power like to do. "Vermin" refers to the police informant who bribed Colson to shut up. It just asks who the mouse is with different words so it's very easy to understand.

9 "If you're being fair, please don't lie. What's the price of your blind eye?" Answer: bribery

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BatmanSolve this puzzle very quickly. He realizes that the Riddler is asking why Colson kept the informant's identity a secret; obvious bribery. The chain of bombs is still around her neck, so she has to say out loud in front of everyone how much money she thinks her secrets are worth.

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While Batman called the answer a "bribe," only Gil Colson knows the real answer the Riddler is looking for. You have to share "the price of your blind eye". How much they paid you to keep quiet about the rat's identity. Batman manages to get the answer out of him and the amount is $10,000.

8 "The less you have, the more it's worth" Answer: a friend

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (3)

By the end of the film, the Riddler's plan is ruined. Viewers see him in his cell in Arkham as he calls them into the cell next to him.a mysterious character, probably the Joker. He says this to the Riddler to let him know that he's okay with his ideas and acknowledges that he knows who he is.

This mystery character was supposed to be the Joker, so thisThe ending fits perfectly with a sequel. It's also fun that there's a puzzle at the end where the stakes aren't quite as high. And it's a benefit that's pretty easy to understand.

7 "What does a liar do when he's dead?" Answer: It stands still

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (4)
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At the beginning of the film we find the first body: Don Mitchel, the mayor of Gotham City. He was found at his home, mutilated, his head covered with duct tape. This is obviously the Riddler's job, and he accuses Mitchell of lying so he can cover up the city's secret plans.

The solution to the riddle seems pretty obvious when the viewer hears it. The solution is "he stands still", meaning that when he is dead (still), his body stands still. It also means that even if the liar is dead, the lies they tell will do just as much damage as they did while alive. Until the whole truth comes out. It's certainly a clever pun, but an easy one to crack if you think about it long enough.

6 "It can be cruel, poetic or blind. But when it's denied, it's violence that's found." Answer: justice

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (5)

When Gil Colson is first kidnapped, the chain bomb is placed around his neck and he crashes his car at the funeral of the Riddler's previous victim, the police commissioner. Colson gets out of the car with a phone taped to his hand. Of course, The Riddler is at the other extreme. The Riddler gives Batman enough clues in the wording of this riddle to solve it in time, which he does.

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The answer to the riddle is "justice" which comes in many guises (cruel, poetic or blind). This puzzle is easy to understand once the answer is known, but if a viewer doesn't know the guideline, that solution may not be as obvious as it is to others. It refers to Colson not living up (if rejected) to what his job is. And the result of that tends to involve violence (violence you can find).

5 "I grew up like a seed, tough as a weed. But in a big house, in a slum, I'll never know where I come from" Answer: an orphan

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (6)
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Once Colson is dead, The Riddler reveals the next mystery. This one is easy once you know which part to focus on. It is the Riddler who only communicates with Batman. What do they have in common? Both grew up in foster families; You will never know where they came from. Batman realizes the answer is an orphan, which is the easy part.

But then he sees that there is more to the mystery: the words "in a villa, in a slum". He correctly concludes that the riddle relates to Wayne Manor, once Gotham's orphanage. So the Riddler's next victim must be at Wayne Manor.

4 “Follow the maze until you find the mouse. Bring them to light and you will find out where I am.”

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (7)

The victim of this mystery is Police Commissioner Pete Savage, whose face was eaten by rats. This is important forBatman-Motivationbecause Riddler tells them there is a way to find him. That way, when the Riddler finds out who the police informant is (the rat) and reports him (bring him out), he will reveal where he's been hiding all this time (find out where I am).

The reason this puzzle is one of the hardest is that it really isIt takes you so long to figure out who the mouse is, making leadership useless until they know who to "educate".

3 "Was ist Black & Blue & Dead All Over?" Antwort: Batman

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (8)
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At this point, Batman knows that this all led to the end of the Riddler's game, and he knows it has to do with the map he found in the villain's lair. The Riddler then taunts Bruce Wayne and gives Batman this final riddle. That Batman is referred to as "black, blue and dead" is not entirely clear. Batman's costume is black and the Riddler plans for him to die soon.

The "blue" part is very interpretable. One guess could be Batman's body turning black and blue. Alternatively, it could be because all the walls protecting Gotham from the ocean (blue) are about to explode, which would submerge the entire city and kill hundreds (dead everywhere). The most popular theory is that the blue refers to Batman working with the police, meaning he's become just as much of a nuisance as they have.

2 "See you in hell"

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (9)

This puzzle is one of the most confusing. It's not entirely clear if it's a mystery or just a threat. Presumably Batman knows The Riddler isn't played that way, so it must be another piece of the puzzle. In fact, Batman doesn't even notice.

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The answer to this riddle will only become clear when the Riddler explains it to viewers. "Hell" refers to Arkham Asylum. And Batman finds him there, but he's not everything the Riddler hoped. The real meaning behind the riddle is that Batman would have teamed up with the Riddler and be in the asylum with him.

1 "You are the winged mouse" Answer:

All Batman puzzles ordered by difficulty (10)

That isdefinitely the hardest puzzle. It comes from the code hidden in the mousetrap made for the police commissioner. Alfred works on it and assumes the message is in Spanish, which translates to "eres el rata alada," which means "rat with wings" in English. This leads them to believe the mouse is Oswald Copplepot,The Penguin.

They rely entirely on that outcome until they actually achieve it.The Penguinwhich explains that there is no way the message could be in Spanish because then it would be "the winged mouse" and not "the winged mouse". The real solution to the puzzle is a URL link (you are the one), which honestly takes a long time to figure out.


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