ABC suspends Whoopi Goldberg's commentary on the Holocaust (released in 2022) (2023)


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Goldberg's comments on Monday's episode of "The View" come amid growing ignorance about the Holocaust and a rise in anti-Semitism. She apologized.

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ABC suspends Whoopi Goldberg's commentary on the Holocaust (released in 2022) (1)
(Video) The View's Whoopi Goldberg SUSPENDED After Meghan McCain Slams ABC

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC's talk show "The View," announced Tuesday night that she will be suspended for two weeks after appearing several times during an episode of the show. race, the comments amid a rise in anti-Semitism around the world. She later apologized.

existsreason, Mrs. Goldberg said the Holocaust was about "man-to-man inhumanity" and "nothing to do with race". When one of her co-hosts questioned the claim, saying the massacre was motivated by white supremacy, Ms. Goldberg said, "But these are two white groups."

She added: "It's white people doing this to white people, so you're all going to kill each other." As she continued to speak, the music played, indicating a commercial break.

In a statement late Tuesday, ABC News president Kim Godwin said Goldberg would be suspended for "her false and offensive remarks."

"While Whoopi apologized, I asked her to reflect and understand the impact of her comments," she said. "The entire ABC News organization stands with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and community."

Goldberg's comments were met with backlash. Jewish groups said his comments were dangerous and the latest example of growing ignorance about the Nazi genocide. During World War II, the Nazis, in a policy of mass extermination, murdered 6 million Jews—about a third of the world's Jewish population at the time—because they considered them an inferior race.

later appeared on "The Late Show" with Stephen ColbertOn Monday, Mrs. Goldberg apologized and explained that as a black man, he believes that racism is based on skin color, but realizes that not everyone sees it that way. "I get it. People are crazy," she said. "I accept it, I did it to myself."

(Video) ABC Suspends Whoopi Goldberg From 'The View' Over Holocaust Comments

On Tuesday, she apologized again at the opening of "Usigten". She expressed remorse for her comments and said she realized they were misguided and that she was wrong.

"I said something that I feel a responsibility not to retract because my words upset a lot of people and that was never my intention," Goldberg said. "I understand why now and I'm really, really grateful because the information I got was really helpful and helped me understand a few different things."

On Monday's show, Ms. Goldberg discussed recent decisions by Tennessee school districtsRemove the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoon about the Holocaustof your course. Monday night she posted onedeclarationApologize to them. On Tuesday, she said she learned from the experience.

"It's really a question of race because Hitler and the Nazis believed that Jews were an inferior race," she said. "Now words matter and I am no exception. As I said I regret my comments and my position is corrected. I am also with the Jews as they know and you all know because that is how it has always been done .”

Fighting hate and misinformation about the Holocaust is critical, Anti-Defamation League Executive Director Jonathan Greenblatt said in an appearance Tuesday.

"The Holocaust happened and we need to learn from this genocide if we are to avoid future tragedies," Greenblatt said.

Sir. Greenblatt suggested that "The View" should consider adding a Jewish moderator to its panel.

"Think about having a Jewish host on this show who can bring these anti-Semitic issues, these representation issues, to 'The View' every day," he said.

In numerous interviews in the past, Goldberg, 66, has said that while she does not practice any religion, she considers herself Jewish and adopted her unique stage name in part because of a family legacy. She was born Karyn Johnson.

In an interview from 1994, Ms. Goldberg mentioned his traditionalorlando vagtpost, after the Anti-Defamation League criticized her for contributing a recipe to the "Kewish American Princess Fried Chicken" charity cookbook. She said it was a joke.

"I'm a Jewish-American princess," she told the newspaper. "That's probably what bothers people the most. It's not my problem that people are upset that I'm Jewish."

Mrs. Goldberg faced heavy criticism for his comments this week before apologizing twice. Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League before being invited to 'The View'wrote on twitter: "Nah@Whoopi Goldberg, to be#massacreIt is about the Nazis' systematic extermination of the Jews - who they considered an inferior race. They dehumanized them and used this racist propaganda to justify the massacre of 6 million Jews. Distorting the Holocaust is dangerous. "

Meghan McCain, former host of Mrs. Goldberg said Monday on Twitter that anti-Semitism is "a poison that is increasingly condoned in our culture and on television — and it's seeping into a space that should shock us all."

according toA 2014 report by the Anti-Defamation League, more than 1 billion people around the world hold anti-Semitic attitudes. More than a third of the population in the 102 countries surveyed had never heard of the Holocaust, according to the report.

According to research by the Anti-Defamation League, Jewish communities around the world show an annual increase in cases of anti-Semitism. This sentiment is evident in Europe, where 89% of Jews believe that anti-Semitism in their country increased between 2013 and 2018, according to2018 EU survey of around 16,500 Jews.

The survey also showed that 40% of European Jews fear physical aggression, and this is in 12 EU countries. More than a third of people in countries where Jews have lived for centuries said they were considering emigrating because they no longer felt safe as Jews.

last month,FN-resolutionCondemn Holocaust denial and distortion. Goldberg's comments also came weeks later.A gunman takes several hostages in a synagogue in Texas11 timer.

British comedian and "Jews Don't Count" author David Bader said in an interview that anti-Semitism has little to do with religion itself - descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity were also killed in the Holocaust. because they were seen as a member of the Jewish race.

(Video) Whoopi Goldberg Reiterates Holocaust Comments In New Interview

"If you're a race, a race like the Jews, that's been persecuted for many, many centuries, primarily because that's who you are, your parents, your ancestors, that's racism," Mr Baddiel said.

"There are no other words to describe it."

Jesus Jiménez contributed to this report.

Jenny Gross is a general assignment reporter. Before joining The Times, she covered British politics for The Wall Street Journal. @Total

Neil Vigdor is a breaking news reporter. Previously, he covered Connecticut politics for The Hartford Courant. @look forward to Facebook

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(Video) Whoopi Goldberg Suspended From 'The View' Following Holocaust Comments


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(Video) Whoopi Goldberg suspended from "The View" over Holocaust comments

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